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A French Traveler in Kerman

I stayed in Kerman for only two nights but the enthusiasm and dedication of my host allowed seeing quite a lot in those two days.Bathhouses,the shrine of an inspired poet in Mahan,some ice-houses and other places of interest.

The reason i originally wanted to stop in Kerman was to see the desert.It was possible thanks to my amazing host who even thought he was sick wanted to stick to the plan and drove four of us to the desert.It was a really nice experience going to desert.I enjoyed the barren dramatic landscapes a lot.By the way the desert is so deserted that if you put any sand under the microscope you supposedly won’t find any form of life.

She had been showing me the town around the second morning.She was very worried at first because she couldn’t speak English and she didn’t know I knew some Persian by then.But we did manage to communicate and I tried my best to show I had a big interest in learning Persian and we got along very well,lots of laughing.