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A Journey to the Heart of Tehran

iran cultural tours

If you are into shopping differently or interested in antiques and old stuff maybe the grand bazaar of Tehran is a good visiting place for you. Beside the trading importance of Tehran Grand bazaar you can observe old architecture of capital and most importantly the everyday life of Tehrani people and business activities of old traders.

Grand bazaar of Tehran is located in the oldest and busiest part of the capital. You can still find some living parts of history in rows and walkways of bazaar and attitude of its people so if you are looking for roots of capital culture it is the best place. The beauty of bazaar isn’t just the great architecture but also seeing so many different kinds of people trying to find their needs.

iran cultural tours

In addition to many attractions like ordinary way of life, beautiful architecture and historical chambers and walkways don’t miss out on Grand mosque and tomb of Lotf Ali Khan of Zand dynasty.

The hidden tunnel: It was customary in old times to inform people of bathing by horn. The historical bath in bazaar is one of those. There used to be a hidden tunnel from Royal court to this bath which was used by royal women to get there. Some old people say that this tunnel still exists.

One of the famous spots of Tehran Grand bazaar is the Haj Ali Dervish coffee-house which is about a century old. The coffee-house has a very small space and barely reaches to 4 square meters but the decoration is very tasteful and special. Old pictures of the first owners of the place and its history is hanging on the walls.

Lunch time

If you started to feel hungry during your visit in Grand bazaar there are several places for eating Kebab, the famous and popular food of Iranians. About Tehran bazaar there is an old place called Shamshiri Kebab house. It used to have three stories and third one which had a cooler cost more than twice as the other stories but it isn’t used now. This place also served desert for people who ate at the third story consisting of melon or cantaloupe juice and later pineapple marmalade. Maybe it was the reason of bustle of Fridays and other holidays in this historical neighborhood of Tehran and even luxury cars were packed back to back for eating at this place.