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Attractions of the Ancient Rey City

Shahr e Rey the 5000 years old city is a residential area in southern Tehran.It is richer than many other ancient cities in light of its historical monuments,including the 3000 years old Gebri castle,the 5000 years old Cheshmeh Ali hill the 1000 years old Bibi Shahrbanu tomb and Shah Abbasi caravansary.

Shah Abbasi caravanseray

It is one of the ancient residential and commercial complexes used as  lodging place by traders and located on the shrine street close to the bazaar.It comprises four verandas and is surrounded by stones all around which used to serve as a marketplace where goods and commercial products were presented and sold by traders.

Rey Bazaar

It is located to the north of Abdol Azim shrine near an intersection.Since old times it has been a center for selling spices,traditional herbs and commercial goods imported by traders via the Silk road.The structure of bazaar is constructed from plaster,brick and mud.It dates back to the Safavid era and is approximately 500 years old.Built with stone and plaster its structure dates back to Al-Buyeh era around 1100 years ago.The number of historical monuments at Rey exceeds those of other cities and most of those buildings belong to the pre-islamic era.

ray historical bazaar