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Tour operators have seen a significant rise in bookings for holidays to Iran, as improved relations with the West and an expectation that Foreign Office travel advice will be relaxed boost tourist interest.   Wild Frontiers, an adventure operator, has nine group tours scheduled for 2014, five of which are sold out to their maximum […]

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Tourism industry is power generating engine that can exit Iranian economy from its inflation-recession phase and blow new life in its body to generate wealth and jobs, said vice president and head of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization, IRNA reported. The head of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization said that under such conditions that the […]

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Iran Cultural Handicraft Tourism Organization reported that Tourist Train Arrivals to Iran shows the safety of this country. It is also pointed out coordination of Tourism Organization,Iran’s railway and tour operators to increase the arrivals of tourist trains. Although many claim that Iran’s railway roads are not safe but arrival of tourist trains to Iran […]

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Tabriz is the capital of one of the most famous province of Iran,the Azerbaijan or Atrupatgan.It is the land of Azargoshansb temple,the fire temple of the kings and nobles. The city was also the residence of crown prince under the Qajar kings but the town didn’t return to prosperity until the second half of the […]

President Rouhani visits historic Persepolis saying the site conveys the message of the Iranian nation’s great will.Iran’s President visited the world heritage site of Persepolis and called it a great evidence to demonstrate the origin of civilization in Iran. Elaborating on the benefits of the ancient site,President said:One of the advantages of these monuments is […]

The grand mosque of Yazd province is one of the most beautiful historical monuments and unique tourist attractions in central Iran. The Jame(Friday)mosque which dates back to the 14th century is located in the heart of Yazd city and was once surrounded by schools,bazaars,libraries,bathhouses and other urban institutions. History says the original building was a […]

Taft is one of the counties in the central province of Yazd spread in an area of 6048 square kilometers.It is well-known for its premium pomegranate and also for its numerous natural,cultural and historical attractions. The anthropology museum of Taft which dates back to Qajar era is located in Shah Khalil II mausoleum in the […]

Shahr e Rey the 5000 years old city is a residential area in southern Tehran.It is richer than many other ancient cities in light of its historical monuments,including the 3000 years old Gebri castle,the 5000 years old Cheshmeh Ali hill the 1000 years old Bibi Shahrbanu tomb and Shah Abbasi caravansary. Shah Abbasi caravanseray It […]

علاج مرض سرطان في ايران يمكن علاج السرطان عن طريق الجراحة، والعلاج الكيميائي، العلاج الإشعاعي، العلاج المناعي، أو العلاج باستخدام الأجسام المضادة وحيدة النسيلة أو وسائل أخرى. اختيار العلاج يعتمد على مكان ودرجة الورم ومرحلة المرض، فضلا عن الحالة العامة للمريض (حالة الأداء). وهناك أيضا عدد من الطرق التجريبية لعلاج السرطان قيد التطوير. الهدف من […]

علاج عصب العين في ايران طب أعصاب العيون من التخصصات الدقيقة والحديثة في طب العيون، والطبيب الذي يتخصص في هذا المجال مهمته تشخيص وعلاج المشاكل في الرؤية والتي تتعلق بالجهاز العصبي لعلاج عصب العين في ايران مکانة رفیعة في العالم. كل عام عشرات الآلاف من المرضى الذين يعانون من امراض العيون يأتون الي إيران للحصول […]