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Tabriz is the capital of one of the most famous province of Iran,the Azerbaijan or Atrupatgan.It is the land of Azargoshansb temple,the fire temple of the kings and nobles. The city was also the residence of crown prince under the Qajar kings but the town didn’t return to prosperity until the second half of the […]

The grand mosque of Yazd province is one of the most beautiful historical monuments and unique tourist attractions in central Iran. The Jame(Friday)mosque which dates back to the 14th century is located in the heart of Yazd city and was once surrounded by schools,bazaars,libraries,bathhouses and other urban institutions. History says the original building was a […]

Taft is one of the counties in the central province of Yazd spread in an area of 6048 square kilometers.It is well-known for its premium pomegranate and also for its numerous natural,cultural and historical attractions. The anthropology museum of Taft which dates back to Qajar era is located in Shah Khalil II mausoleum in the […]

Shahr e Rey the 5000 years old city is a residential area in southern Tehran.It is richer than many other ancient cities in light of its historical monuments,including the 3000 years old Gebri castle,the 5000 years old Cheshmeh Ali hill the 1000 years old Bibi Shahrbanu tomb and Shah Abbasi caravansary. Shah Abbasi caravanseray It […]

Babak castle located in Kaleybar province of East Azerbaijan,On a mountain 2300 meters high.Although the date of its construction is not determined,it seems to built in Sassanian dynasty and is named after Babak Khoramdin.It was one of the most important seats for 10th century against Baghdad government. In the survey made in the castle several […]

Adventure is worthwhile.                                                                        Aesop   We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.     […]

I stayed in Kerman for only two nights but the enthusiasm and dedication of my host allowed seeing quite a lot in those two days.Bathhouses,the shrine of an inspired poet in Mahan,some ice-houses and other places of interest. The reason i originally wanted to stop in Kerman was to see the desert.It was possible thanks […]

Located just 25 km southwest of Fuman city in Gilan province north of Iran lies an abandoned medieval castle known as Rodkhan.It was built as a military complex and its construction goes back to the Sassanid empire.Seating on two mountain peaks has two separated sections, one for the governor and his family and two for […]

Tagh e Bostan(Bostan Arch) is situated to the right side of the city entrance of Kermanshah and is to the north east of the city.This complex which comprises of engravings and epigraphs belongs to the Sassanid era. The same is located in the mountain and together with the natural surroundings a gorgeous landscape comes into […]

Dowlat Abad complex comprise of a large garden and some buildings,it is a famous complex built in the original Iranian style which was watered by a qanat of the same name.In the past it was residence of the governor.   The most impressive part of the complex is a building with a ventilation structure(Badgir) on […]