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Celebration of roses in Qamsar of Kashan

Every spring in Qamsar,a town in city of Kashan a traditional ceremony for extracting rose waters is held.All of the town people participate in any from they can from picking flowers to more complex stages.

The beauty and wonderful smell of rose gardens and participating tourists in picking flowers and this traditional procedure attract lots of visitors to this area during spring time.Due to this fact almost all of the locals earn money from different stages of traditional rose extracting water.

traditional rose water extraction in qamsar

The season of this ceremony starts mainly from late May.Those who have the responsibility of picking flowers start their work before sunrise and try to finish all the garden during this short time because they believe it has more scent.Flowers are picked with the help of thumb and index finger nails.

traditional rose water extarctiontraditional rose water extraction in qamsar

The great honor of mostly religious people of this town is that every year when cleaning Kaaba special bottles of Qamasar rose water is used.

traditional rose water extraction of qamsar