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Countrysides,perfect summer destinations in Iran

Althuogh Iran is mostly known for its cultural and historical destinations there are also many beautiful villages and countrysides in north and west of Iran which can be cool and amazing places to escape from heat of summer and enjoy the pleasant weather of Iran mountainous areas.

Iran Kurdistan04 palangan

Palangan village is located in Kurdistan province with stairway like arcihtecture.This place is one of Iran’s touristy villages which aside from it’s particular architecture is an attractive summer destination because of its pleasant weather,springs and waterfalls.


Oraman is another village of Kuurdistan which is located in the sharp slopes of Zagros mountains with 1450 meters altitude from sea level.Although winters in this village are so long with heavy snow but in summers it has a quite pleasant weather.


Sobatan countryside is one of the most beautiful countrysides in Iran located 20 kilometers west of Talesh in Gilan province.It has deep forests of Talesh at the east and a beautiful lake ate the west.Since this place is neighboring the Caspaian sea the weather is always changing.One minute you walk under the rain and the other minute the sky is angry with storms and lightnings.The village has many waterful springs with nice weather and pastures filled with colorful flowers.