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Ganj Ali Khan Traditional Bath in Kerman

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Ganj Ali Khan was the Safavid governor of Kerman in the  17 century.During his reign in Kerman a collection of building including a bathhouse was built centered on a large square where in days bygone the caravans used to come to halt.Each and every building and the complex itself all are named after Ganj Ali Khan.

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Ganj Ali Khan bathhouse is the most interesting part of this complex for visitors which used to be a public bathhouse until three decades ago.It was built right in the middle of Kerman bazaar.The treasure includes various  wall paintings and a fine collection of Iranian handmade glassware,woodwork and marbles.

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The old bath has a very detailed and logical architecture specifically designed for a public bathhouse.It has various chambers each opens to another one in the form of a complete circle.The genius architect designed the passages and the corridors curved to stop the the outside cold weather to storm in the bathhouse.The principal doorway adorned with murals depicting animal scenes.Its demolished plaster works and paintings of Safavid era were restored in 1332 by a man called Mirza Shahrokh who inspired by Qajar paintings could finally manage the restoration.

Ganj Ali Khan bathhouse was recently converted into an anthropology museum with true-to-life wax figures bringing back the memory of everyday scenes of the past.