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Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran

The premises that have been turned into museum where glass and clay works are on display were built about 90 years ago upon orders of Ahmad Qavam(Qavam ol Saltaneh)for his personal lodging.
According to Iran Chamber website the building is situated in a garden with a span of 7000 square meters and was used by Qavam himself till the year 1953.Later the building were sold to the Egyptian as the new premises for the embassy of Egypt and remained in their possession for seven years.When relations were stained between Iran and Egypt and subsequent to the closure the Egyptian embassy in Iran commercial bank purchased the building.

glass and ceramic museum
The main establishment of the museum that occupies an area of 1040 square meters is a two-story octagonal building with suspended pillars and a basement.It is situated on the entrance side of the traditional Iranian style and the European architecture of the 19th century.
The collection of glass and clay works that are on display at the museum is among the rare collections in Iran.It comprises clay pots dating back from the 4th millennium B.C up to the contemporary era.European glass works belonging to the 18th and 19th centuries are also parts of the collection.The collection is on display in six halls and two entrance halls in separate sections depicting different historical eras and subjects.

glass and ceramic museum