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Grand Mosque of Yazd

The grand mosque of Yazd province is one of the most beautiful historical monuments and unique tourist attractions in central Iran. The Jame(Friday)mosque which dates back to the 14th century is located in the heart of Yazd city and was once surrounded by schools,bazaars,libraries,bathhouses and other urban institutions.

yazd friday mosque

History says the original building was a Zoroastrian fire temple in the Sassanian era which was later converted into a mosque during the Seljuk reign.It is crowned with a magnificent dome decorated with turquoise and white geometric tiles and has a pair of minarets considered to be the highest in all Iran.Unlike most Islamic architecture the mosque has strange resemblance to Sassanian buildings.Its large rectangular winter prayer halls,flanking the sanctuary and iwan are laid out in Sassanian triple-iwan plan.

The mosque grandeur and unique style in combining ancient and Islamic architecture elements attracts thousands of tourists every year.