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Haft Sin,the Most Prominent tradition of Nowruz

Nowruz and its traditions date back to ancient times in Iranian culture,which are all derived from meaningful mystical concepts and believes of ancient Iranians.

One of Nowruz traditions is Haft Sin,chosen from seven earthly products to thank God for his blessings.These seven selections should have 5 characteristics:

1.They should have Persian names.

2.They should start with the letter S.

3.They should have herbal origin.

4.They should be edible.

5.Their names shouldn’t be compound nouns.

It is told in a story that these seven choices for Haft Sin were the symbols of seven sacred ancient Persian angles how had divine characteristics.


Sir(garlic) was the symbol of Ahura Mazda,Sabzeh(grass) for the goddess of clean waters,Sib(apple) as a sign of fertility and womanhood,Senjed(service) was the symbol for friendship,Serke(vinegar) as a sign to show immortality,Samano(a traditional food baked from wheat sprouts for this occasion) as the symbol of edible things and the last one was Somagh(sumac) as a sign of rain.

Why Seven?

Seven was a sacred number for ancient Iranians and was a symbol of immortality.