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Iran Mineral Springs

Perhaps it seems strange to say Sareyn city is one of the most important centers of hot Springs in Iran.

Even the name of this city represents it’s important characteristics.

The word ( Sareyn ) in the Persian dictionary means “Spring’s Outlet”. for this reason the name of this city remain Sareyn instead of other old names for example: Sarighie , saraien ,… .

If you come to Sareyn area; you can see the hot water springs such as : Qarah Soo , Sari Soo , Gavmish Goli , Besh Bajilar , Qahveh Suei , Pehenlu each of them them has special medical characteristics .

There is also several cold water springs nearby, situated in a small village called ‘Vila Dareh’ – the water here is fizzy and is very good for the kidneys.

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The greatest center of Middle East water treatment

To see the greatest center of hydrotherapy in the Middle East you should be visit Sabalan complex within the city. In this complex there are several pools , Jacuzzi , sauna , individual pools and health services , all of this in two part have been established Masculine and feminine.   

Don’t concern about the place to park your car . This center has facilities like private parking and welfare facilities .  

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The Gavmish Goli warm spring is the richest spa in Sareyn area. It is located On the valley and you can swim in open area of 400 meter with 130 cm depth and 46 c degrees.

Gavmish Goli Thermal Spring – Relieving and good for Rheumatism , heart Disease and Strengthening movement system .

Ab Chashm

Ab Chasm is another springs of Sarein area, the spring water is cooler than the rest. -21 degrees centigrade temperature.  Water is tasteless ,it is good for treatment of Eye disease .

General spring

General spa can be found in North Sareyn . This spring  is located in thousand meters above sea level and the temperature at 43 ° C , taste a little sour. The warm water is soothing muscle aches and rheumatism


 Shafa ( Healing ) Bath
the Healing bath is filled with spring water that is 40 degrees temperature and it is colorless and odorless. The spring water used to treat joint pain, relieve nervous disorders and skin diseases .