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Iran Safari

Safari is a new concept in Iran tourism even in word, an attractive leisure and pleasing activity of driving through desert without any barriers, which is slowly finding its way among the fans.

Iran’s nature also has a great potential in this field from Shahroud to Maranjab desert. Deserting with 4WD drives, land rovers or land cruisers is one of the adventurous activities of cold months in Iran. Although there is a short history of organizing such safaris in Iran but excitement and professional deserting can make this experience a worthy one.

iran safari and desert tour

In these tours 3 passengers in a vehicle drive through the specified route for visiting different destinations. The basic concept of such tours is experiencing Iran’s wild life and a couple of days camping in nature. For organizing these kind of tours land rovers are used which have great power and technical supporting system in Iran. During these tours professional drivers and guides escort tourists in the journey.

Maranjab desert: This desert is a well-known name among desert lovers, located near Kashan province and its caravanserai is a nice place for stay.4 kilometers from caravanserai there is a sweet water well .This well has a nice sweet water with very low percentage of salt due to huge sand filters that purifies salty underground waters. You can see a mountain surrounded by sand hills 5 kilometers south of the caravanserai and can make a nice and light walk in the golden sand. The view of desert from this mountain is absolutely great. For those adventurous tourists who love desert driving and walking it can be a recommended route.

iran desert tours

Mesr desert: Located 45 kilometers east of Jandagh county in Isfahan province has a village with 120 people and considered as one the most important tourist attractions in desert. Some say the name of the desert is taken from Josef the prophet. Beautiful sand hills which surrounds the village are main attraction of this place. Feeling the warmth and softness of sand while walking leave you with peace and harmony with nature. The charm of desert continues at night when you have never felt stars so close to you. Mesr desert also has the biggest seasonal salty lake in Iran. Special characteristic of this land makes it impossible for any planet or animal to live but due tothis unique shape it is also an amazing desert attraction. It is covered with pentagon crystals of which in winter turns to black because of combining with mud and is white during summer time.The salt of this lake is the oldest salt in Iran.

Shahdad desert: From Shahdad desert to Kerman is about 100 kilometers and the imaginary city of Kaluts is 40 kilometers from Shahdad.This area is one of the heat poles of the earth as the geologysts say.There is also a well accommodated camping site which makes your stay easier and safer.

shahdad camp2