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Iran Travel Experience of Carol Hoyt, American Actress

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Carol Hoyt who traveled to Iran said about her travel experience.

I traveled to Iran in a 27 days tour with a group of Canadian, Australian and Americans who were all over 50.We had two guides one from Iran and one from Netherlands.

Hospitality and kindness of Iranians surprised all of us in this trip. I had a really wonderful time ,all those smiles and friendship from Iranian people who are real human and didn’t care about color or religion.

Before traveling to Iran my friends told me if I weren’t afraid of traveling to Iran but this travel gave me a chance to get to know a country which has a very different culture than mine. We visited many cities and highlights including Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis and Isfahan.

Isfahan which is a cultural center built in Safavid dynasty .Although 99 percent of people in Isfahan are Muslim but they live in harmony with other religions like Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians.

While walking on the beautiful Khaju bridge I was amazed by visiting the grave of Arthur Pope the American expert of Iranian culture and art. Imam square which is one of the largest squares in the world is a real masterpiece in Islamic architecture. Imam and Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque, Ali qa pu and Chehel Setun are also spectacular. At the end of the square marble pillars of a gate which was used for Polo games 400 years ago are seen. Imam square with towering minarets and blue and yellow colored mosaics are really interesting.

We also visited the Armenian neighborhood of Jolfa which has 13 churches and the more famous and historical one of them Vank and its museum is very remarkable.