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Money & duty free for Iran

What are Iran’s currency and exchange rules?

Iran’s currency is the Rial.  In daily trade, Iranians use an older unit, called the Tooman that is one Tooman = 10 Rials.You can exchange money at the airport but only special banks exchange money.The exchange rate flactuates very little everyday.

Are credit cards accepted in Iran?

Unfortunately not.There are not any services for international credit cards in Iran.So it is recommended that you have cash with you while traveling.

What are the custom regulations on arrival to Iran?

On the basis of I.R of Iran’ rules entrance or exportation of some goods are prohibited.As follows:

1.alcoholic drinks  2.gambling tools  3.weapons and explosives  4.narcotic drugs 5.magazines,photos,films and those goods against religious beliefs of country.  6.any type of writing against the official region of the country.