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Nomad Tours in Iran

The proximity of fertile plains mountains in Iran facilitate the transhumance of nomads between summer and winter meadows and pasture in search of grazing for their animals.In such a setting several different tribes of nomads live whose unique lifestyle,colorful costume and distinctive textile have long been a source of attraction for visitors seeking a delightful opportunity to witness the remaining of nomadic migrations.

In their annual or seasonal migrations nomads move from their winter resort location to summer grazing lands along with their animals and move back to their winter resort locations again when it gets cold.From dozens of different tribes Bakhtiyari and Qashqai nomads are more famous for their origins,their set of clothes,their tribal structure and traditions and for the scenic beauty of their camping sites.

iran nomad tour

The Qashqai are a Turkish speaking tribe of pastoral nomads in southern Iran.They migrate between winter pastures near the Persian Gulf and summer pastures on the Iranian Plateau.The Qashqai have shown greater cohesion than most Iranian tribes.They numbered an estimated 790000 in 1997.

The Bakhtiyari Tribe which numbered more than 1 million in 1997 inhabits an area of approximately 67000 Km that straddles the central Zagros mountains.They speak a dialect of Persian called Luri and about the third of the tribe live nomadic.Their migration is among the most spectacular nomadic pastoralists anywhere.

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