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Sacred fire burning for 1531 years


The sacred fire is burning in Zoroastrian fire temple for about 1350 years is a tourist attraction of Yazd in Iran.

This fire temple is the more known chapel of Zoroastrians in Iran and the place for preserving the ever burning sacred fire which is kept in one of its rooms.On the introduction of this fire is said:

This fire is a flame of Karyan of Pars brought to Aghda in Yazd and preserved there for 700 years then in the year of 1174 was moved to Ardakan of Yazd from Aghda and burnt there for 300 years after that in the 1474 AD was brought to Yazd for keeping.Finally it was moved to this present building in 1940 AD.

yazd_zoroastrien_fire_temple                                                                                                        sacred fire of zorostarian fire tempel

The history of this burning fire dates back to the ancient times and since moving it from Pars fire temple until now is 1351 years.Regardless of all the wars and difficulties nothing happened to it.The sacred fire of temple has been preserved by a special authority of Mobads who has the Hirbod title.He keeps the fire burning by adding pieces of more dry and enduring woods like almond and apricot many times in the day but the ashes has no value and is thrown away.

The permanent burning of sacred Zoroastrian’s fire is interesting to all tourists and they can watch it from a glass door and smell a bit of burning woods.

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