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Shahnameh,the Great Iranian Epic

Ferdowsi the epic poet of Iran who wrote Shahnameh the great work of literature containing Iranian myths and stories along with history of this country,was born in a village in Tus.He spent almost all of his life composing Shahnameh and although he was a rich land owner,lost all of it in this way.

Shahnameh is the treasure of Persian words and traditions.This book is about 60 thousand couplets and comprise of three parts:mythical,heroic and historical.It is the story of eternal combat of good and evil and national heroes like Rostam always try their best to protect Iran from foreigners and enemies.

Shahname has many aesthetic factors.Great imagery like describing nature,battle fields and people is so detailed that can put the events in front of audience like a movie scene.Another factor that enhances the beauty of Ferdowsi’s work is the excellent use of music through rhythm and other poetic Technics that is beautifully match with its epic style.

The mythical part of Shahnameh is about Iranian’s beliefs and myths of creation and early human discoveries like fire.The heroic part of is the stories of national heroes like Zal,Rostam,Sohrab and their battles.This part ends with the death of Rostam the greatest Iranian hero of Shahnameh.The historical part recounts the history of country before Arab attack.