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Taft Anthropology Museum

Taft is one of the counties in the central province of Yazd spread in an area of 6048 square kilometers.It is well-known for its premium pomegranate and also for its numerous natural,cultural and historical attractions.

The anthropology museum of Taft which dates back to Qajar era is located in Shah Khalil II mausoleum in the center of Taft next to Shah Vali complex.Shah Khalil is one of the grand sons of Shah Nematollah Vali.The mausoleum’s building spread over 400 square meters is made of mud-bricks.It includes southern and eastern porches two dome houses chambers in the western wing and a tile dome.

The building was registered on the national heritage list on 1999.Restored in 2008 it was converted into a museum in 2010 .Ancient anthropological items such as military tools,farm equipments and ancient documents and deeds are kept at the museum.