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Tagh e Bostan

Tagh e Bostan(Bostan Arch) is situated to the right side of the city entrance of Kermanshah and is to the north east of the city.This complex which comprises of engravings and epigraphs belongs to the Sassanid era.

The same is located in the mountain and together with the natural surroundings a gorgeous landscape comes into view.On entering the area the first epigraph is about Ardeshir II.He is standing between AhuraMazda and Mithra with his face turning to AhuraMazda he is receiving with his left hand wreath of power while under his feet lies Ahriman his enemy.

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After this epigraph there is a smaller arch which depicts Shapour II and his son Shapour III.Above this one is a description of the scene in Pahlavi language.

The third section of the complex there are beautiful epigraphs like winged angles,the tree of life,bore hunting in the groves,duck hunting etc,together with a group of musicians bringing about a festivity.Below the epigraph is an armed rider on a horse who some believe is Piruz Sassanid and others thinks he is Khosrow Prviz.