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Tourist Train Arrivals to Iran a Showcase of Safety

Iran Cultural Handicraft Tourism Organization reported that Tourist Train Arrivals to Iran shows the safety of this country. It is also pointed out coordination of Tourism Organization,Iran’s railway and tour operators to increase the arrivals of tourist trains.

Although many claim that Iran’s railway roads are not safe but arrival of tourist trains to Iran shows the otherwise.Rebirth of silk Road route is one of the goals of this kind of trips.23 countries are in this route and all of them appreciated the idea of railway trips across this route.

tourist train2 tourist trains in iran

Arrival of tourist trains to Iran which many of them are English and Australian has a huge positive impression western countries have of Iran In this trip that lasted 2 weeks tourists visited Isfahan,Shiraz and Yazd ,Many of them were surprised that how different Iran was from what foreign medias show.

Recently Iran tourism has improved about 40 percent and 12 other railway trips are planned for 2015.

tourist trains to iran