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Traditional clothings of Iran

Clothing was always important in ancient Iran and issues like geographical situation,social conditions and lifestyle,kind of government,religious beliefs and many other factors influenced it.

Due to diversity of Iranian ethnicity there are lots of different and beautiful clothing in the country.Still many people in small towns and villages wear their traditional clothes.

iran traditional clothing

one of these clothig is Gilaki traditional clothing that belongs to north of Iran.It has a colorful skirt for wemon and men usualy wear hats made of wad.

iran traditional clothing

clothing used by women in Lorestan has also a fillet and many lace and sequin details.

iran traditional clothes

kurdish women wear long dresses with sequin and gold or silver ornaments.they also wear a headband on their scarf.

iran traditional clothing

In the large Khorasan province in east of Iran clothing include a scarf and a short wrinkled dress with colorful fabrics.