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Traditional houses of Kashan

If you know anything about temperament of people living in desert areas you should know they are very warm ,hospitable and truly noble. These people have always showed their mysterious and peaceful nature in architecture ,clothing ,music and art.

In old days when stone and brick of houses where made by heart of people these traditional houses had identity. Their door was open to welcome guests just like Persian saying that The guest is the friend of God.

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One of the historical houses of Kahsan is Tabatabaie house which was built by a famous carpet merchant about 200 years ago. It is a big and imperial house with 40 bedrooms,4 courtyards, 4 cellars, 3 wind catchers and 2 underwater ducts. The unique architecture with symmetrical gardens somehow makes the environment rapturous.

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Another beautiful old house of Kashan is Brojerdies house which dates back to Qajar period around 130 years ago. The house is built according to the desert environmental factors and wind catchers are used to make the weather cool and enjoyable in hot summers. Like most of old houses it also has a inner(Andaruni) and outer(Biruni) part. The outer part has an oblong courtyard which has a glorious hall in the southern corner with has beautiful paintings inspired by European culture of that time specially Russian style. The inner part is divided into two sections of Northern and Southern. The southern part has also a courtyard and a mirror ornamented hall. The Northern part has the unique feature of desert house architecture which is cellars and basements keeping the people of house cool from warmth of summer.

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Besides the royal house of Kashan there is also a historical house called Noghli (very small) which is the smallest house of Kahsan .It is located in the historical part of Kashan near Aqa Bozorg mosque. Although this house is indeed very small or persian said Noghli but it had gotten its name from the owner who was called this.iran cultural tours

Kashan, a touristy province of Iran which has many attractions other than these traditional houses like the famous Fin Complex comprising of garden,museum and bath.