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Zoroastrians Legacy in Yazd

Zoroastrian fire temple yazd tours

Zoroastrian Fire-Temple

This temple built on a hill is encircled by evergreen trees.A large round pool increases its attractiveness.In the fire temple there is a fire burning since 700 years ago around which there are rooms for blessing.Plinth courses and the capitals of the pillars with beautiful reliefs are eye-catching.The architecture of this historical monument is by some extent similar to the architecture of the Persian fire temple in India.

towers of silence i yazd tours

Towers of Silence

Zoroastrian’s cylindrical cemetery or Dakhmeh as it is locally called.Although lots of years have passed since their construction they are still standing at the edge of the beautiful desert near Yazd city.With its own specific features,hot and dry during days and cold during nights and running sands can never be matched to any other place.You can see the strange cylindrical construction as you step in this desert on top of two hills.This is the Zoroastrian’s cemeteries in which the corpse of their dead relatives would be left alone while they are settled in a sitting position so that they should be eaten by birds and insects and after a few days the remaining of the bodies would be placed into Ostudan(which literally means a place for bones) which usually are holes in the mountain rocks.You can still see some of these from Sassanid era in Yazd and Shushtar.